Our Story

     After a fantastic visit to Ireland in 2003, Chuck Fields and Greg Ferrell, Professors of Criminal Justice at EKU decided that what Richmond needed was a traditional Irish pub. After month of planning, the first Paddy Wagon Irish Pub opened it's doors on Water Street in April 2004. It wasn't too long before a hard-core group of regulars made it one of the places to be in downtown Richmond.

      The following March, we even had our own St. Patrick's Day Parade - one entry, Chuck's 1972 English Mini Convertible, which left the pub every twenty minutes for a drive around downtown with three passangers waving Irish flags and creating quite a scene! But soon it was obvious...if we were going to continue the Irish Pub business, we needed to move to a bigger and better location. So in the Spring of 2006, the second Paddy Wagon was born on Main Street.

      After being open about a year, with an expanded food and beverage menu, and live music performances to rival any in the area, tragedy struck. A devistating fire completely destroyed what we had worked so hard to build. Thankfully, noone was injuredand kudos to the Richmond Department for an outstanding job at preventing the fire from spreading.  At first, we weren't sure if we should rebuild the pub, but after literally hundreds of calls and emails, we decided to try it again.

      It took some time and lots of tears, but out of the ashes, the Paddy Wagonreoped at its present location in July 2008! The Eastern Progress voted us BEST MUSIC VENUE and BEST BAR IN RICHMOND for the past 6 years! We certainly made the right decision!

Thanks to all of you who have supported us over the years; this is YOUR pub as much as ours.




Irish Pub